Maeve’s Birth in Photographs

I already wrote Maeve’s birth story, and now I offer it up a second time, in photographs. Amy Carroll was with us once again, though she sadly missed the ACTUAL birth, through no fault of her own. She walked in just minutes after Maeve was born. The photographs begin after I had just collected Maeve into my arms and laid back onto the bed with her, and continue through the beautiful golden hour, and the newborn exam (which I did with my own two hands, mostly). I love these images SO MUCH. And though I do wish it had been possible to capture THE moment of her entrance into the world, caught by her daddy’s hands, I know as a birth photographer that all things turn out as they were meant to be. 2017-01-01_00012017-01-01_00022017-01-01_00032017-01-01_00042017-01-01_00052017-01-01_00062017-01-01_00072017-01-01_00282017-01-01_00302017-01-01_00272017-01-01_00262017-01-01_00252017-01-01_00242017-01-01_00232017-01-01_00082017-01-01_00092017-01-01_00102017-01-01_00112017-01-01_00122017-01-01_00132017-01-01_00142017-01-01_00152017-01-01_00162017-01-01_00172017-01-01_00182017-01-01_00192017-01-01_00202017-01-01_00292017-01-01_0022


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