it’s august…

dinner-time-4… and so, we try to practice sabbath in one, giant, concentrated chunk. sabbath is rest. sabbath is letting go of striving and choosing to trust instead. sabbath is humility. it says, “this world doesn’t go ’round because of my effort but by the grace of an all-sufficient and generous Father. therefore, the world can afford to live without me for a minute.” 

that’s why it’s a spiritual discipline. and like all disciplines, it therefore has to be fought for. 

already, i can tell we are really going to have to fight for it this year. 

because the financial situation of the boiler room is skimpy skimpy skimpy. because friends are hurting and need to be cared for. because we have two small children. because we both really love our work. 

it’s only day 2, but i’ll tell you, i’m not doing a very good job yet. it will take some practice. and a little adrenaline detox. 

this coming week i have photo sessions and meetings with potential clients and partners. tim has meetings with potential donors and supporters. the work won’t cease this year, but we’ll do our best to keep it within bounds. 

i have Psalm 23’s first first written on our chalkboard wall, 

The Lord is my shepherd; I will want for nothing.

that’s the mantra and the meditation i’m carrying around in my pocket.

meanwhile, i am praising God for His foresight in having me “accidentally” pay for our entire week-long vacation rental in advance, so that we cannot decide to skip that unplugged week in a meadow by a crystal clear lake in northern Michigan. we would surely have cut it out as an unnecessary luxury in the face of financial worry if there weren’t a non-refundable fee. come on, august 17!! 


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