what we love

what we find delight in as children — before we are self-conscious enough to realize that there are “cool” things to like and “uncool” things to like — can tell us some things about who God has designed us to be. so i thought i’d take a moment to record some of those things, both for myself and for my kids.

what i remember loving as a child:

horses, mud, catching frogs and toads, playing in the water, beautifying tiny spaces, exploring in the woods, making up games, imagination, blueberries, canned mushrooms,  rice with parmesan cheese, kittens, dressing up in my grandmother’s vintage lingerie (haha), cousins, forts built of blankets, riding in boats, taking pictures on my 110 film camera.

this is what i see hazel loving:

water (pouring it, being immersed in it), “mine gus,” helping mommy with cooking or cleaning, wrestling, cooking in her kitchen, picking raspberries and apples, sandbox, two over everything (two babies, two covers, two pillows at every nap and bedtime), carrying books around the house from here to there, people (both new and familiar), dancing, going for walks.

this is what i see gus loving, young as he is:

grabbing stuff (anything within arm’s reach), being cradled in my left arm as he drifts off to sleep, outside, leaves and grass, avocado, peek-a-boo, being carried in a sling or in someone’s arms, playing quietly alone on the floor with small toys, kisses from mama, anything hazel does (except for when she squeeze him too hard or slaps him in the face).

(inspiration for this post came from here.)




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