he leans in


he grabs either side of my face with his chubby hands and, grinning, lunges into my neck for a hug. if he’s sitting on the floor playing, he reaches his arms up to me, or leans into me to indicate that he would like to be picked up. if another person is holding him, he grins widely when he sees me, and leans toward me, with grasping hands, for a transfer into his mama’s arms.

be still my heart. my boy who leans, sometimes falls, into me.  what beauty.

yet, in other ways, he is happy to be left alone. after being held awhile he fusses and squirms and twists as he tries to move from my arms. then when i set him down on the floor with a few objects nearby for grabbing, he returns instantly to a perfectly contented state, even if i go to the next room, out of his sight. and at bedtime, he no longer wants to be held as he falls asleep, but indicates in no uncertain terms that he’s ready to be laid down in his crib where he can fall asleep on his own.

i suspect he’ll have a bit of an introverted tendency. i get that.

yes, he’ll be my leaning-in introvert. a healthy, and perhaps rare combination.



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