why we don’t have a microwave


1. health

have you seen that experiment in which someone watered two identical plants in identical soil and identical lighting with microwaved [and cooled] water for one and regular water for the other? well, the one that was being fed microwaved water died. terribly and obviously. anecdotal evidence it may be, but that’s disconcerting to me.

2. taste

microwaved chicken has always grossed me out. it tastes just wrong somehow. not to mention that a microwave weirdly blackens and fries parts of the veggies and leaves the rest soggy and weird. icky. toaster ovens produce much tastier left-overs.

3. counter space

the things are HUGE; i would rather have my counter free for chopping and prepping.  they are also usually not very attractive; as someone who values beauty, microwaves don’t move me closer to beauty.

4. slow food

this is more about lifestyle values. i think that we lose something when we hurry hurry hurry so fast about so many things. there’s something to be said about the simple act of exercising patience while you wait for a toaster oven or stove top to heat/reheat your meal. there are a million ways to slow down and be mindful; eliminating a microwave is just one way.


5 thoughts on “why we don’t have a microwave

  1. B – this post is timely! We have the worst microwave ever at our rental house & it takes up so much counter space, but I haven’t thought to ditch it because it’s such a big part of our routine. Thanks for these reminders. I’m going to put it in our storage spot tomorrow & give cooking a try without it.

    How are you? I miss you.

    Sent from my iPhone

    • awesome, heather. you’ll miss it for a while but then you’ll forget they exist.

      a toaster oven has been KEY for us in living without a microwave, though. we use that a great deal of the time.

      and we are good! we miss you, too, friends.

  2. Great timing indeed. I’ve been wondering what the heck it’s good for lately. Nothing, absolutely nothing. As usual, thanks for putting my thoughts into words, so eloquently.

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