evidences of His love (a Love Feast story)

tonight at Love Feast, Tim invited everyone to share little stories about how they experience God loving them.

neighbor-friends around the table whose lives look to me to be so hard, so undesirable, still had things to share, moments where they’ve seen evidences of His love for them.

  • i’m thankful He woke me up this morning.
  • i’m thankful i’m out of the hospital, alive and walking!
  • i’m glad i had a good day at school today.
  • my son is going to be 14 in two months; he’s as tall as i am!
  • i’m thankful for my friend Tony (who is present in the room); i wouldn’t be here without him.
  • my baby cousin H (whom we’ve been praying for) was released from the hospital on the 22nd of August!
  • M and T had a baby girl yesterday morning; her name is Sophie.

i was so humbled to hear these joyful testimonies as folks popped up one-by-one around the room with hardly a pause between, to speak about how Papa loves them.

and then we sang,

“He loves us,

oh how He loves us,

oh how He loves us;

How He loves us…oh!”

i kept my eyes open as i sang it, looking slowly around the room, to see all my neighbor-friends singing along, obviously worshipping. holy spirit shivers.

and i thought, we have come so far! i can’t believe i’m witnessing this thing.¬†

we are never too poor, too low, too addicted, too abused, too dirty to receive the Father’s love.

and. gratitude is a potent medicine.


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