9 (my thyroid)

i’m one of those people who chart their cycles. laborious? perhaps. but so helpful. 

since i’ve resumed charting, i’ve noticed that my waking temps are LOW. like in the low 96s. that’s not really very normal. and i have eczema. and my energy is low (or is that because i get woken so many times in a night?). anyway, after doing an iodine test, and combined with those factors, my doctor has suggested i have low thyroid, a fact that i suspected. and so today i launched the treatment protocol:

  • T-100: a supplement that contains some raw thyroid, like Armour, plus some thyroid-boosting nutrients. 
  • Iodoral: straight up iodine, and lots of it. the thyroid needs iodine. 

i’m trying to take this all in stride, and not to be afraid of it’s implications, among which is inferitility. but i’m hopeful that we caught it early enough, that in a few months things will be higher functioning. and i do love the idea of having more energy, because so often it feels like my body can’t keep up with my heart and my mind. and i’m too young for that!

i’m grateful to have such a doctor, whom i trust and respect. i’m grateful to have a God who is surprised by nothing and who already accomplished everything necessary for my wholeness. i trust Him. 

so really this isn’t a big deal. but i still wanted to mark this beginning of the healing journey for my thyroid gland. bring it on! 🙂


3 thoughts on “9 (my thyroid)

  1. i also chart my cycles using the fertility method, so great! that’s actually how we got pregnant. i have very irregular cycles, and so it really helped us. good luck with your thyroid treatment, i hope you find more energy soon!

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