8 (family reunion and repentance)

today all these people rolled in from various states, by plane and by car. they are family. we’re having a family reunion. i haven’t met all of them before, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re my family. 

24-7 Prayer USA is a very special house built of people. as seth said tonight, “i like being here, in this house.” we are spending the next few days in the prayer garage together talking about this family and how God is building it, and how the family is ordered, and how it is financed. 

and we are doing some repenting and some healing. i love repentance. geez, it’s GOOD STUFF. i think it’s the mark of a spirit-filled community when it enthusiastically repents. bring it on, Holy Spirit, you could almost hear us all saying tonight. “Yes, Jesus, yes. me too.” 

i’m so glad for these moments and the healing that follows. i’m so glad to know that Jesus makes my repentance into something more than words. “there is power in the name of Jesus,” we sang after it was through.

so i’m looking forward to the upcoming days, knowing we’ve started off on the right foot. that our repentance, done openly and with one another as witnesses, hopefully makes room for Jesus to show Himself to us more completely. and that when we see Him, we’ll reflect Him and Father will be glorified. 

also, i’m so grateful to the presence of so many good men! men who are trustworthy and kind and submitted to God. 


One thought on “8 (family reunion and repentance)

  1. Just wanted to let you know I have loved following your blog. I found it a few months ago I guess and have read along ever since. I went to the prayer room a couple times when I used to live in GR and had followed their blog for awhile and that’s how I found yours. Anyway, just wanted to say “hello” and let you know I enjoy reading along about your story and what the Lord is doing in it!

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