7 (easter morning)

it is easter morning. the most important christian holiday of them all, really. it marks a moment in history that has power to heal, transform, and set free for all men and women in all nations from that day forward. it’s the day that Jesus came out of death.

i have to admit that even after many years of knowing and loving Jesus, of building my life around the reality of the resurrection, that i still can’t actually get my head around it. there is nothing relatable about the story of Jesus being beaten, crucified, mocked, and dying. most of the time, i can’t put my heart around it, either, finding that i relate to it as an story heard so many times that it feels more like interesting mythology than deep and relevant truth.

but this morning, over breakfast, i read the easter story to hazel from The Jesus Storybook Bible (which is the most beautiful version of the Bible i’ve ever read), and the Spirit put some life into it for me as i read. the bit about Jesus encountering Mary in the garden always gets me. i can begin to feel her sad disbelief melting to hope and then confidence that her Jesus was indeed alive, was really speaking her name with tenderness.

“was God really making everything sad come untrue?” this bible reads? YES, He was; He is. that is such good news.

today i remember that i have been resurrected, too. by His great love. i have known the depths of the slimy pit, but He has not left me there.

thank you, Jesus.


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