4 (5th St NW)

the block of fifth street that corresponds with ours on 6th street is awful.

for as long as we’ve lived in this house, that block has been a place of chaos, abuse, violence, noise, mean dogs, drugs, and street fights. plus many other things that go on behind closed doors, i can only imagine. the odd thing about it is that it seems to retain this atmosphere regardless of who lives there. it seems to be in the air, or the soil, or something. as if it is a place claimed by the Enemy, as if there are strongholds in that physical location that attract and hold in bondage anyone who moves into the houses there.

there are four houses in particular that seem to bear the mark of the beast. last week, within 5 days there were 7 arrests. at least two were assault and battery involving stones and hammers. another appeared to be auto theft. we use crimemapper.com to get a sense of things, though we already know SOMETHING is going on (it’s hard to miss), this website helps to fill in the blanks.

several members of the boiler room community live on that block. they hear the noises in the middle of the night, have been awoken by the fighting, have seen the flashing lights and the animal control vans and the rest. and i know it tires them; they are weary of it. they are also burdened for the men and women and children living in that dark kingdom. we aren’t sure quite how to be light bright enough to penetrate that darkeness. so we gather on the

(dang, there goes the timer)


6 thoughts on “4 (5th St NW)

  1. Such darkness reminds me of the time Jesus said, and I don’t know the reference off hand, that “this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting.” I think I’ll pray about that particular block, as God brings it to mind. Greater, after all, is He that is in us than he who is in the world. You are sure a determined lot over there, aren’t you?! I ask the Father right now to continue to protect you, and I ask him to break that stronghold on 6th. Amen and I mean it.

  2. There is light here. Even moments after an officer shot a dog right in front of the house there is light.
    Talking with D…hugging her on her birthday as her dog is taken from her. Providing a sense of love and care…
    There is hope.
    His grace shines through.
    Sleep is often interrupted, but God wouldnt wake me up if I wasn’t supposed to intercede for them. And that’s the only answer. Nothing I can do wi fix anything. But me being here means I can pray for these around me in a way noone else can. I can pray in the midst of a knife fight screaming match drug deal arrest vandalism and any other darkness that is here.
    And when I pray I know it is enough. Because only God has the ability to change mans heart. And that’s the only thing that can fix anything around this block.
    That’s how I would end your post.

    • james – yes, you’re right. there are glimmers. but it is a stubborn and resistant darkness, too. what i was going to say, had my timer not run out on me (because this is a “five minutes only” blogging experiment i’m on), is that the only thing we know to “do” is pray. of course, it isn’t “just” praying… it is PRAYING, and it is more than enough (as you said). we’ve started praying on the porch of danmike/coopers’ house on wednesday morning at 9 a.m., with a specific focus on praying for your block. yesterday morning we prayed right in front or derek’s house. and i pray many other times throughout the week, too. because i know that neither programs nor confrontations would change anything in any deep or lasting way. i amen you! 🙂
      bless you for interceding, for being willing to be right there in the thick of it and hold out your light in a myriad of ways (because i know you do). i also am praying for you to be refreshed and protected.

      • So grateful to serve alongside a community that is covering this place with prayer.
        God has a plan and I just pray that His kingdom would come quickly.

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