3 (on cloth diapers)

tonight, after watching the latest office episode and a few episodes of one of the two ill-fated seasons of this american life (the televised version), there are other chores do to.

like the diaper laundry. it doesn’t end.

i’m a cloth-diapering mama. i’m glad to be so. i know we’ve saved so much money already. i’m sure we’ve made a small reduction in the landfills. and i like knowing my girl’s butt is covered in mostly cotton and hemp rather than the stuff of disposable diapers.

but the laundry doesn’t end. and even with a diaper-sprayer conveniently attached to the toilet tank, spraying out a poopy cloth diaper is messy and stinky. not a pleasant task. tim and i fight over who gets to NOT change a poopy diaper.

the cloth diaper butt. oh, it’s so cute, isn’t it? those tiny bellies and legs sticking out from the huge padding of a cloth diaper? unfortunately, a lot of baby clothes aren’t made to fit those ginormous booties, however. there is a pattern floating out there that you can get for sewing “big butt baby pants.” google it. i got the pattern, i cut the fabric pieces, but only two of them have been thus far sewn together. (i’m not so good at follow-through on sewing projects).

but now the diapers are all sorted in the baskets, inserts here, covers there. ready to begin again tomorrow. ready for that poop that will surely come between her waking up and her first nap. like clockwork.

are you a cloth-diapering mama? why or why not? it’s okay if you, like i, have a love-hate relationship with it. 🙂



3 thoughts on “3 (on cloth diapers)

  1. i cloth diapered my first for 3 months of my first baby, then we moved to an apt w/out washer and dryer. we moved to a house when number 3 came along and i thought about cloth diapering again, my husband requested, sincerely and dramatically, that we not. we don’t buy paper towels, we don’t buy much in cleaning supplies, we don’t buy cosmetics or other such things, but he was very biased towards the convenience of disposable diapers.

    granted, i did some cloth diapering in there, but decided that respecting my husband’s bias on this issue was the wise and loving way to go. we agree so much on many parts of our alternative lifestyle, if we ever move somewhere where we can have a diaper sprayer, and bins for dirty/clean that have a place, i would try it again. all our travel and moving though means that this is a battle i have chosen not to fight.

    that said, i’m collecting old sweaters (cotton, cashmere, wool) to make wraps…. but sewing projects, unlike kitchen ones, tend to take a lot longer for me to accomplish!

  2. Yes, we cloth diaper Ransom, but also supplement with disposable. Our apt doesn’t have a washer/dryer so it’s an ordeal to wash the dirty diapers. When we’re going to be out and about more convenient to go with disposable. I found that cloth diapers leaked a lot at night and so got in the habit of using a disposable ones through the night. We’ve been using Bumgenius, what kind do you use?
    When I become a bit more savvy with a sewing machine, I think it would be fun to try to make my own cloth diapers. Amanda Soule has a pattern in her book “Handmade Home” that I want to try!

  3. we love cloth diapering! but we also supplement with Seventh Gen disposables, when traveling and especially when i just can’t find the time or energy to do laundry. i’m sure my attitude will change a little when James starts eating solid foods, right now it’s so easy to just throw the diapers in the washer and not have to worry about touching them. although i do have to sort through and separate the covers from the diapers…i’m sure there’s an easier way i could do that. it’s an adventure!! and completely worth every stinky moment, haha. 🙂

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