waiting for babies and celebrating my own

i am waiting for babies to be born. four of them, in fact. four babies due this month, one to my dear cousin in philadelphia, who is already 12 days past her estimated due date, so i can only imagine the emotional space she is occupying as she waits for little August to make his debut. another one is due to my cousins in the lansing area, and i will be going to the birth to photo-document it. and two more due to women i only recently met, but whom are allowing me the privilege of coming into their homes and documenting with my camera the miracles of small lives being born into their homes. i am carrying my cell phone close at all times, awaiting the calls announcing labor has begun, so that i can begin to pray and to pack my camera bag.

my own baby turned 9 months old on thursday. she is sitting on the rug in the living room right now, talking happily to herself and playing with her toys, stopping to look at me and laugh. she understands “can mama have a kiss?” and “where is da?” and “do you want some mama milk?” and “goodnight” and “more”. it’s incredible to see her respond to words, to begin to comprehend their meaning, and to respond accordingly. how does this happen?! it astounds me.

she has begun to take steps within the last two weeks. she’s getting rather good at it. i haven’t got a good photograph of her in action yet, because both of my hands are occupied with holding hers will she makes her way across the room. she wants to stand and to practice walking all the time these days, which is a lot of spotting and supporting work for me. still, she does not crawl. not even a bit; she just wails whenever she finds herself in the unfortunate position of being on her belly.

she loves thai food and roasted chickpeas, egg yolks and strawberries, and to drink water out of her own little cup.

her hobbies include pulling all the books off her bookcase, playing peek-a-boo by averting or covering her face then popping out with an expectant smile, being turned upside down over and over, dancing to music with strong hand-drum rhythms, eating food, and playing with toddlers.

what a miracle this continues to be.



3 thoughts on “waiting for babies and celebrating my own

  1. how wonderful to get an update on how Hazel is growing and learning. babies really are so amazing!! are you using baby sign language? interesting that she’s not crawling yet, but wants to walk! my parents say that’s what i did, i kind of did an army crawl thing, dragging my legs, haha. then just started walking. wishing you so much joy and happiness.

  2. such a sweet post…i love hearing about hazel and what she’s like and doing these days. so fun! i can’t wait to hear how your experiences are with photographing these upcoming births! take care and sending lots of love to you all.

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