resolution: be real

i found this blog today by a missionary in costa rica who is refreshingly real. particularly this post (oh, how i relate!)

and i realize that as a Missionary here in the west side of grand rapids… a Leader of the boiler room ministry… well, i feel like such a fraud so much of the time. i struggle to know how my love for beautiful things, my desire to make photographs, my addiction to The Office and Modern Family, my artful swearing, my chocolate bingeing, and my relational avoidance can be a part of the same woman who wears those titles.

so this person is my new friend. she doesn’t know it, but she is going to coach me in the ways of transparency and embrace of the paradoxical.


4 thoughts on “resolution: be real

  1. oh woman. if you didn’t do all those things I wouldn’t like you. tehe. who wants a beige person in the name of jesus?(i think jesus is red, orange and light blue violet myself.) quit beating yourself up over some americanised/westernised expectations of being a missonary/leader/christian that are NOT biblical. I don’t see any beige leaders in the bible.
    and anyhoo, to bring beauty is to bring jesus. and oh yeah, aren’t you a human being? not some wierd religious dead inside robot?hmmmmmmmm??!?!?
    lol. Seriously though, i get what you are getting at, but i don’t like these feelings of guilt that you are experiencing AT ALL. People respond better when you are being REAL, which, yes, does include the occasional swear word and weakness. and what is wrong with watching modern family? I know I don’t want to follow anyone who is a pretending twat, who never watches tv and eats right allllllllllll the time, doesn’t sulk blah blah, because they make me feel like shit and noone likes them anyway, and they die early, as it’s just too stressful! So fuck it. I say keep doing what you are doing etc, but quit worrying about other people’s expectations of you :). Easier said than done i know. :). I think you’re great.
    oh i love you. oh yes i do!!!!!

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