revisiting 101 in 1001

my mom mentioned the other day that she’s recently taken a look at my 101 in 1001 list, and that i have done many more things on that list in the last little while. so, here’s a quick update.

#3 – have a baby, or two.

well, i had one! this is not news to anyone. but i’ll post a cute picture of her here, just for good measure.

hazel june - 6.1.2011

#10 – plant a small vegetable garden and hope something grows.

it wasn’t really very small. it was 8 raised beds filled with rich organic soil, 6 of which we planted in. we planted mostly from seed. we planted a little late. we planted with about half a dozen friends. we planted on the day i went into labor.

in spite of our negligence, and likely because of the occasional maintenance done by our really wonderful friends, things did indeed grow. we had tomatoes of various sorts, summer squash, spaghetti squash, watermelon, green beans, jalapeno peppers, carrots, lettuces, spinach, radishes, basil, parsley, and probably more that i’m forgetting. we ate some ourselves and shared some.

we’ll try again this spring.

#23 – organize and host a 24-7 Prayer Room

this is a sort of. i say only sort of because though we’ve been a part of hosting several prayer rooms and weeks of 24-7 prayer, none of them have been primarily MY job. they’ve been a team effort, for sure. however, i suspect that’s how it’ll always be around here because that’s the kind of community we’re in. i couldn’t organize and set-up and host one alone if i tried.

a recent prayer room

#24 – paint my toenails.

it’s funny that i put this on the list. such a small thing. but a small luxury, you see, that i rarely take time to indulge in. but i painted my nails when i was pregnant, and again this summer. and i left it on until it chipped off.

#25 – get training in Inner Healing Prayer and/or Theophostic

got a great start on this one in 2011. in january i was able to serve as a “spiritual trainer” in a college course called Dunamis, about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. it ended with a three-day conference on the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. additionally, we at the boiler room went through a day-long training in The Steps to Freedom in Christ. i would still like to go through training under Terry Wardle’s method someday, but i got far enough into this sort of training in 2011 that i feel i can check it off my list.

#27 – spend a week in a cottage by the lake

this may make me sound spoiled, but i’ve done this at least twice, maybe thrice. this past august, tim, hazel, and i got to spend a week at  a cottage (more like a huge house) right across the street from Lake Michigan. we did this with my mom, siblings, grandparents and many members of our extended family. then, we spent most of a second week at our friends’ hytta (cabin) 1.5 miles from Lake Michigan. so lovely.

#37 – keep one more house plant alive. 

“one more” implies that there was one to begin with. true. that one has since passed away. it got misplaced and forgotten when we moved to MI. however, a friend left two of her dear houseplants with me when she moved away; one is a succulent, the other a coffee plant.  i have manage to keep one of them alive, and the other one passed away sometime this fall. i’ll let you guess which one is which. hint: succulents are basically impossible to kill.

#41 – tell the stories of the boiler room, perhaps on a blog

well, here is one that looks differently than i thought it would when i wrote it. i was referring to the madison boiler room, which is, of course, no longer in existence. but there is still the stockbridge boiler room and i will now be contributing to that blog a couple of times each month. so pleased to do so.

#44 – be photographed, along with tim and kids, by a great photographer

boom! thank you jill devries photography for taking our first family photos with our dear babe. this was SUCH a treat. i put a photo session with jill on my baby registry, not really expecting anyone to buy it. but my wonderful family all chipped in and gave it to me for my birthday/mother’s day. we opted to have jill take our portraits in our own house and around our neighborhood, doing things that we normally do together as a family (sharing a french press, cuddling on the couch, lounging on the bed, wandering in the garden, walking together, kissing and playing). i’ve admired jill’s work for so long, so i was giddy to get to see her work, AND to be an ingredient of the beautiful art that she creates. if you want to see more, click here.

#47 – be able to primarily be a stay-at-home mom

this has come true, in a non-traditional way. i actually have a couple of jobs outside of mothering, but they are pretty integrated into my mothering and i do them largely from home or within a 2-minute walk of home. i take pictures of people (still can’t get over how amazing it is to get paid to do something that cool) and i am a leader of the boiler room, but i am still at home with hazel (or taking hazel with me) as i do most of this work. what a joy! 🙂

#51 – give an extravagant and unexpected gift.

i can’t divulge any particulars because that would be letting my left hand know what my right hand is doing, but let me just say that it felt really good. and so right. it reminded me to hold loosely to my blessings, because there’s even more blessing to be had in handing them over.

#53 – see a chiropractor

toward the end of my pregnancy, i went back to see the chiropractor i used to work for. i’ve been seeing him ever since. so is hazel! it’s been great.

#54 – give birth at home

the aforementioned baby was born in our living room. on the love seat. sometimes i’m sitting in that room, and i look at the physical location where i was when i gave birth to her and i feel a flood of emotion over the fact that our dear daughter entered this world right here in this house, in that particular spot. that seems to transform this house into sacred ground.

if you want to see a short film of that home birth, you can see it beautifully captured by the talented and compassionate jennifer holshoe, by clicking here.

#55 – make baby food. 

i thought i would steam and puree organic fruits and veggies for my babies. as it turns out, i’m not doing that, nor do i plan to. but it’s not because i’m buying baby food instead. it’s because we’ve decided to do baby-led weaning, which is a way of introducing solid foods to babies without any purees at all. instead, we just give hazel chunks of food and let her gum them, gnaw on them, and eventually ingest them. we all love it. messy, but lower maintenance that forcing a spoon of mush into a close-lipped baby mouth.

#69 – make a huge batch of pesto using locally grown basil

done. this summer. basil from our own back yard. yes, it was very good.

#80 – get a four generations of women photograph

mom, hazel, buc (grandma), me

#81 – wash someone’s feet 

did this at a small Lenten worship service in 2011. what a sweet and vulnerable thing to wash and to be washed.

#84 – pay off one remaining credit card and/or line of credit

we got one line of credit paid off just last month. we paid off that credit card sometime in the last year or year and a half. alleluia!

#86 – have unhurried heart-to-heart time with my rabbi. 

me and jenn at my wedding (the only photo i have of us together, i'm afraid)

that rabbi is dear jenn, who i’ve been walking with for going on 4 years now. and when i made this goal we lived across a very large lake from one another. now we live .2 miles from one another. and i see her every tuesday afternoon for tea, and lots of other times to boot. like, there was one sweet weekend this past fall when both our husbands were out of town for 24-7 Prayer related business, and we spent a lingering Saturday evening together with our kids. the next morning hazel and i came over again and we shared a breakfast, along with one other wonderful, wise woman friend.

#92 – seek out words of prophecy/knowledge from someone

last winter, tim and i went down to Kansas City to visit our friends at the Kansas City Boiler Room. but while we were down there, we went to IHOP, also, and made appointments in their prophecy room. i had to fight back some cynicism and discomfort over the fact that it was “drive-by prophecy” from strangers. but it turned out to be a real blessing. several things were prophesied over us that  were spot-on descriptions/confirmations of things God was working in our lives at that point. there were also a few words that seemed a little odd, and we’ve tucked those ones in our back pocket to see if maybe someday God sheds more light on them.

#93 – host pilgrims and house guests frequently. 

oh, boy, have we ever! this has been so delightful. there have been a lot of people passing through our house. family, friends, acquaintances, strangers. i loooooove having our house be a resting place for all these people. i hope we can keep doing this in 2012 and beyond. it’s become a core value of our family, in fact.

two of our house guests this past summer. one from Wisconsin, the other from Northern Ireland

#94 – share house-keeping and child-care responsibilities with a good friend.

alicia and i had our babies 3 months apart. we have lots of similar interests and values. and so we’ve decided to walk together in this season of new wifehood and new motherhood. one day each week we get together at one of our houses and keep one another company while we nurse our babies or make crockpot meals together or simply talk. this has been a real sweet spot in my week, sharing this domesticity with her.

here’s a picture of our daughters together. (i knew you wanted more baby photos).

lilia and hazel in matching pajamas (oct 2011)

#100 – work in a pastoral way alongside tim.

we are growing in this all the time. it just happens, even with no official role. i love it when someone finds their way to our living room and tim and i get to sit with her, hear her story, counsel her, listen to God with her, and pray over her.

in 2012 we’re stepping more officially into pastoral roles with the boiler room and the west side church family God is building. and i’m looking forward to doing this work together.


that’s all for now. thanks for listening.

do you have any goals that you’ve recently accomplished that you need to take a minute to make note of and celebrate?


3 thoughts on “revisiting 101 in 1001

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  2. It was an honour and an inspiration to be able to listen. That is a wonderful list and several things were a challenge to me. God bless you in the ministries you are doing, and in achieving more things on the list.

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