hazel’s birth story

ladies and gentlemen, at long last, i offer you hazel’s birth story.

it’s a bit long, just like my labor was. settle in for a slow read.


ps: you can watch the beautifully-crafted photo slideshow my doula created here.

pps: same doula is doing an artprize entry this year on the subject of birth. her bio and description of her project is here.


4 thoughts on “hazel’s birth story

  1. Thank you for the story! the seriousness and the beauty. so wonderful the promise, and still praying for your recovery- cause once part of you heals, there’s still many parts getting back in line. give yourself time and rest and just be reassured that it is still hard, but beautiful, and it will get easier.

  2. i’m so glad that you shared this inspiring story!! i’ve been wanting to hear/read about it, especially since i knew that your ideals were so close to mine. i would love to have a home birth, but since we live in an apartment, it’s quite out of the question. and plus i don’t think Brian is a huge fan. 🙂 every moment is precious, and the fact that you can share this story with your daughter is so beautiful. thank you for sharing. i sincerely hope that we can connect in person soon, and i can meet your husband and daughter!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing Hazel’s story so openly and honestly. I have never read such a candid, beautiful birth story. Considering I don’t have any children myself yet, it’s kind of nice to hear what it’s actually like. I hope I have amazing friends and family praying for and encouraging me the way you did during labor. There were so many parts of this that just touched me so much. From your faith community lighting candles and praying for you immediately to what it was like to have a child at home. Thank you for being so transparent!

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