a little family time

moving to Michigan, though a clear and confident choice, had the sad side-effect of moving us several hours away from most of our collier family, though closer to one branch of it. still, we’re about a 6+ hour drive from all of tim’s brothers and sisters-in-law, our nieces and nephews, and tim’s parents. and because we’re in MI and most of the rest of them are concentrated in WI, we know that in most cases, we’ll be the ones to do the traveling.

BUT this past weekend was a beautiful exception to the norm. this past weekend, tim’s three older brothers and their wives and kids came from Sun Prairie, WI (Nathan and Kristen), Milwaukee (Dan, Jess, Sam, and Eli), and Pittsburgh (Ben, Lisa, and Sophia) to be with us in Grand Rapids. four gentle giants of brothers, four sweet sisters-in-law, three charming cousins, and two baking buns in the ovens… all together for a short while. some of the crew stayed over at MY brother and sister-in-law’s house across town, but during the days, we all assembled at our little west side house, filling the rooms to bursting with all those bodies. we extended our dining room table and had a family style brunch together, the cousins bounced on the air mattress in the future nursery, the grown-ups caught up on one another’s lives and interests, we walked to a mexican restaurant for dinner. and on saturday night, we divided by genders, so that they Sisters could throw a mother blessing shower for me, while the guys babysat sleeping toddlers and talked about fatherhood.

and we’re all richer. it’s a gift of such generosity for them all to come out here and be with us in this way, in these final weeks leading up to the birth of our daughter. and we feel so loved by their commitment to making the trip out in order to see us in our new digs.

their visit, btw, came about a week and a half after a visit from tim’s “little” sister, Amanda, and her friend Kelsey. they set up camp with us for a handful of days during their college spring break, keeping us entertained with their wonderful senses of humor, putsing around the house with us, and jumping in on conversations and prayer times with some visiting boiler room pilgrims. i think amanda is one of the coolest 20 year olds i know, and i wish she’d transfer out here to finish her degree. 😉

anyway, here’s some photos of the collier weekend…

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and more can be found here.


2 thoughts on “a little family time

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  2. beautiful! think your little one will have those blue blue eyes? i would guess so. you all look so peaceful and joyful. and you look lovely as the time approaches to meet the little one! family is so precious. being 28 hours from either side of our family can be very lonely!

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