until faith becomes sight

i want to hold out hope for the transformation of broken and addicted friends to become free and whole followers of Jesus. and sometimes, like last week, there are lots of signs of life that feed that hope and fuel my fervent prayers. last week dave asked to be sent to mission bible institute to recover once and for all (miracle). last week we saw joe for the first time in weeks and discovered that during his absence he had weaned himself off all but one beer per day and wasn’t suffering with any of his usual shakes or hallucinations as a consequence. last week i had coffee with marie and she was tender and motivated, so we talked about maybe getting her into her own place so that she could stand on her own two feet and eventually get visitation rights with her little daughter. last week i felt so hopeful for all of them, praying for and with them with conviction and confidence.

but this week faith and sight are not lining up. this week dave is still around here, mostly sober and sheltered, but no longer interested in going to mission bible where he might have gotten some deeper and more lasting change. this week when i called marie to ask her on another coffee date, she hurriedly told me that she wasn’t doing good, had relapsed, and then hung up the phone. this week i ran into joe in a pile in the alley behind my house, his face covered with shame and his body saturated once more with alcohol, unable to walk or to remember how long he’d been in this state.

over and over, again and one more time, our friends choose death. it is SO hard to watch. cynicism and discouragement come knocking at the door of my heart.

over and over, again and one more time, i recall the goodness of my God, that He sits enthroned above the flood, faithful even here. i choose praise.

so there’s a small group of us who are devoting ourselves for the next six weeks to study and pursue of the gift of healing by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. we’ve come to believe that He is inviting us to participate in His ministry of healing as part of gospel proclamation to the west side. and even though i know that walking through inner healing prayer with a 50-something person who is addicted, homeless, institutionalized, and a victim of past/current abuse is a great deal more complicated than walking through inner healing prayer with a church-born-and-raised 20-something person who’s had more going for them than not… i have to believe that the Holy Spirit is sufficient to the task in both situations. i just don’t know how, which means it’ll be all glory to Him when we begin to see Him move.

we’re knocking and asking for this anointing to heal. we hunger for this so because we want wholeness among ourselves, but also for dave and joe and marie and others like them.

pray with us.


2 thoughts on “until faith becomes sight

  1. Love-Patience-Endurance

    Sometimes we need not to expect change…but to allow the change in them is a choice only he or she can make. Sometimes I wonder if people who have addictions lead to please others…us, me, you, family, ect. when in the end…the END it needs to be his or her own. Keep praying but dont forget to continually meet him or her where they are at…and wherever they are at-any given point can be changed. Dont expect…Expect nothing…just Love. empower…know this is not for you. This is NOT why you are placed in the areas you feel God has led you…Change is for the person at hand.

  2. Mmm….yup. Once again, this sounds familiar. I’m excited to see what God does in this journey of healing through the Holy Spirit. I’m believing with you (and for us here in Kansas City) that He can and will

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