a full life not written about

for several days it felt like a february spring. tim played frisbee in the yard with cooper and took a bike ride. we didn’t wear coats when we went to the division avenue thrift stores. we slept with our bedroom window open.

but today fell maybe six inches of snow and the world has gotten all still and whitewashed again. we called off house church so that no one would venture out and end up in a ditch (which is exactly what happened to our friend from another house church). tim has been walking back and forth to the boiler room to switch over loads of laundry because feet work better in deep, fresh snow than does a car with bald tires (ours).

our little niece claire is asleep in the room that will be our baby’s in just a few short months. her noise-making machine is pumping out the serene sounds of a gentle ocean wave. her parents are up north skiing.

it has been so long since i’ve written in this space. it’s been just long enough that i begin to wonder if maybe it’s time to put an end to the loose-ended commitment of blogging. but then, here i am.

it’s not that life hasn’t been full, and our hearts, too. it’s been very full, and of very good things. we’ve been learning about healing prayer, exercising the gifts of the holy spirit, seeing our little babe on ultrasounds, thrift store shopping for baby clothes and new coats for tim, preparing meals for Love, leading worship at our tiny church, discipling and mentoring two young men, taking trips to kansas city to visit [spiritual] relatives, attending birthday parties for members of our community, hosting pilgrims, eating good food, making homemade kefir and creating lush smoothies with it, taking photographs, booking wedding photography gigs for this upcoming summer, patiently enduring the no-shows of a client, having friends over to dinner, making coffee dates, planning 40 days of 24-7 prayer, rearranging the community floor of the boiler room, trying to turn worry into prayer as it pertains to the financial situation of the boiler room and our paychecks, eating far too much ice cream, babysitting for our niece, going out for beers at the newest brewery in town, painting the nursery, reading in bed, catching up on episodes of The Office and Modern Family, beginning a new house church, napping, reading about childbirth and parenting, trying to get a washer and dryer hooked up in the basement, playing worship music on pandora.com, dreaming with God and the leadership team about what 2011 will be like for the boiler room, and so much more.

whew. i’m out of breath.

in short, we’ve been living. and that has been very good.

so maybe i’ll start popping in here from time to time to get a little more in depth about some of living adventures, or some of the inner processes we’re going through with God and each other in this season of our life. but i don’t think i’ll make any promises. it feels good to be living without thinking about what a great blog post this or that would be. 🙂 so i’ll run with it for a while.




2 thoughts on “a full life not written about

  1. I understand the need to spend more time living than writing — I feel like I’m in a similar place — but I hope you don’t disappear completely. I love reading what you write and am always inspired and encouraged by it, no matter how infrequent 🙂

  2. Oh yes, the funny pressure to blog & the ideas that come to mind of what would make a good entry, but how difficult it is sometimes to find the time or words to make those ideas materialize! I think you do a good job when you do blog & I enjoy you. But living life is important & you’re certainly doing that, so well done Brooke! Rich life to you…

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