neighbors to clear the snow

just needed to stop in to share this one sweet thing.

lots of snow fell overnight. our heater hasn’t been working right, and needs to be manually jump-started every morning. so i got up and did so, then made breakfast and coffee and banana bread, crystal made chocolate chip pancakes to share. we haven’t anywhere to go today so the clearing of snow was not our morning priority.

then chris — the woman next door — called because she was out with her snow-blower and wondered if she could do our sidewalk for us. certainly, thank you!, i said.

tim and i were sitting on the couches in our living room, enjoying the sunny wintry scene outside, and then we saw jeremy — our neighbor around the corner –walk up with his snow-blower, clearly intending to clear our sidewalk for us. upon seeing it already done, he waved to us, and turned back around.

five to ten minutes later Zach — our neighbor kid from two doors down — came by with his shovel. seeing the sidewalk already done, he cleared the steps of our porch and knocked the icicles from our porch, then slipped away.

all this while we sit snug as can be inside our house, sipping on our coffees.

in fact, we haven’t had to clear our own snow all season so far.

it makes me smile because the idea is that you move to a neighborhood like this — which is sorta “rough” and “in need” — because you’re gonna bring your service and gifts and provision to it… and instead, sometimes you find yourself on the receiving end. it’s humbling and delicious.


2 thoughts on “neighbors to clear the snow

  1. This is awesome! It would be sweet if one neighbor shoveled for you, but here you have at least three of them watching out for you. That’s great! And so true that sometimes we go to places like that intending to serve and then find ourselves served instead 🙂

  2. The saying “it’s more blessed to give than receive” is well known…and true. What is less well known is that for some of us, it is far more difficult to receive than to give. Whether out of religious training, perfectionism, or necessity, receiving from others is really tough. I am recognizing this in myself as pride and mistrust…and trying to graciously and gratefully accept these gifts when they come my way. Good for you that you were able to experience this outpouring of love and community. love you!

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