762: more thoughts and photos

my last post about working on our house was filled with reflections about the spiritual significance of redeeming a house. and still i’m meditating on these things as i work over there, and praying small prayers in my heart when i see neighbors pass by the front windows or through the alley. but this week has been a lot of task-orientation, too. we’ve been busy. hard to believe that we haven’t even had access to the house for 2 weeks yet, but SO MUCH has been accomplished. without all the help of friends and family and neighbors, all of what has been finished would not be finished for 2 more weeks yet. seriously. work parties and friends helping with projects has made the hugest difference. it’s been the “barn raising” that i wrote about in my last post. i’m unspeakably grateful.

today, as i write this, tim is over at the house with a couple of our friends, sanding the floors down. he’s working over there all day, with friends coming by in shifts to help out, and by the end of tomorrow we hope to have the last coat of polyurethane on the floors. then, once it’s all dried, we’ll move in.

can’t believe that day is right around the corner.

and the house looks now like a place where i’d like to live. i can begin to envision our things filling the rooms, our people filling the space with their laughter and their voices, my cooking creating homey smells… yes, i can see it now.

we still don’t own the house. sometimes this makes me nervous. sometimes i have horrible thoughts about the owners changing their mind, refusing to sell to us, and renting it out to someone else, even after we have invested so much energy and time and money into improving it. i don’t think that’s rational, nor fair to the owners. and the fact is that we do have an accepted offer on the house. just waiting — still — on the bank. i thought we would have heard from them by now. i’m trying not to let this bother me.

is this crazy-ness or faith? sometimes the line is blurry, isn’t it?

well, i want to throw some photos up here for ya’ll…

first, our room:

the carpet was emerald green and the walls and trim were all the same pale sea-foam green color.

next we painted the trim white and the walls a quirky greenish-yellowish color.

finally, we painted the floors white!

now, here is crystal’s room:

when we got the house, the carpet was bright crimson and the walls mauve.

we painted the walls vintage yellow (still need to do the trim)

then, we painted the floors white. and we still need to do the trim. (we’ll do that just before crystal moves in, i think)

here’s the kitchen:

when we got the house, the drawers were all pulled out for extermination of roaches, and everything was dirty. no fridge. green-ish colored walls. grime on walls.

after our first work party, things look CLEANER at least.

during the paint party, we got the walls covered in a gorgeous tidewater blue.

today we have our “new” appliances installed. the kitchen is almost ready for use.

well, i’ll leave it at that for now. i’ll post a string of photos from the living/dining room soon, once those wood floors are refinished!


3 thoughts on “762: more thoughts and photos

  1. Yes, I can see you living here soon. The redemption work is looking great. Beauty for ashes is what I keep thinking about since I read your last post & this one. I’m so excited for you to make it home & to see the progress!

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