moving ahead with my photography

(i also posted this here, but wanted to throw it up on this blog as well)

it’s time to stop and reflect a moment on what’s transpired and what comes next for “brooke collier photo“, because there’s been so much motion in the growing of this little fledgling business of mine, and for those of you who read or care, i’d like to share some of it.

what’s transpired for brooke collier photo?

is a year full of rapid growth and learning. most of it happened because i started networking. i took on assisting gigs with kevin and kelsey, talked shop for hours with patricia, passed on some of my knowledge to kelly, read a multitude of photography blogs, and practiced by taking daily photos.

i feel so pleased that my work is becoming more truly “brooke-ish.” i think that i’m starting to get my own look/style in photographs. i feel more confident in my technical skills than ever before.

and, especially, i feel so grateful for the photography community both locally in madison and across the US. there’s such a spirit of collaboration and support, which is such a nice change of pace from the cut-throat competition that exists is so many other industries.

and, of course, it also feels great to have finally taken the plunge into having a photography business that is actively TRYING to grow and expand, rather than passively waiting for a few friends to notice that i take pretty pictures and hire me to shoot something here and there. marketing and networking are challenging for me, but it feels brave and exciting to go ahead and go for it!

what’s coming next for brooke collier photo?

we’re moving to Grand Rapids, MI, tim and i. we’re moving back to re-join this funky and delicious little prayer community on the west side; a place where i have known jesus most potently and tasted the impact of the kingdom of heaven. we’re so excited to take up residence there, and to undertake some of the work of that community. and, i am looking forward to resuming the work of photo-documenting the life of the neighborhood and ministry, as well as doing something like help portrait there.

i’m looking forward to booking MI weddings for 2011. brides, if you are out there, look me up and we’ll sit down and talk over a delicious beverage and begin to imagine our collaboration for creating a set of lovely images of your wedding. or, if you now brides-to-be, let them know that i exist and point them here.

one thing i hope to do this year is pay it forward by freely sharing some of the little that i know with someone else in the industry who knows a tad less than i do. no need to be competitive or hoard trade secrets, right? share! i have been given so very much this past year by photographers who are a few steps ahead of me, and i want to pass it on.

i’ve discovered this year that i really love doing senior portraits. i’d like to do more of them, and am hoping to find a couple of great seniors in Grand Rapids who will be ambassadors for my senior portrait services in their high schools by first allowing me to photograph them, and then spreading the joy.

“i crave photography,” wrote one photographer on her blog (i wish i could remember where i read that). i resonate with that. making images is something that i crave, something that gives me so much energy and happiness. and i want to have this thing in my life for a very long time. the thought of being able to grow it so that it is more and more my only job is… well, it almost seems too good to be true.

thanks for reading, for being along on this journey with me. i hope to see some of you in front of my lens this year.

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5 thoughts on “moving ahead with my photography

  1. Brooke, Justin & Marguerite gave us some of your photo’s of Claire…you are so talented…you’ve managed to make her look even more beautiful than she already is…don’t ever sell yourself short, you have a gift…

  2. As your mother who refused to pay your tuition for photography school and insisted that you major in a field in which you could “make a living,” I’m sorry, and I’m proud of you and impressed by your creative and technical skills. love you…xo…mom

    • oh, mama. that’s okay. photography school wouldn’t be the answer. being self-taught is more fun. i’m sorry that i’m not using the degrees you paid for me to get! (well, except for informally)

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