i wrote a book

well, sorta. it’s a wee little cookbook, thrown together rather quickly as a parting gift to Big Oak. i wanted to leave them with all the recipes the kiddos there have gotten to be so fond of.

and, i made a home edition. meaning, with the recipes scaled down for a family of 4-6 rather than massive quantities to feed 38 small children and a handful of adults.

you can get a copy, if you like. 🙂

Brooke Cooks for Big Oak: Home Edition (click on this one to buy it)

By Brooke Collier, MA

ps: as you may have guessed, my commitment to whole real foods pervades this book.


2 thoughts on “i wrote a book

  1. Speaking of you writing books, have you considered creating a photo book of your “A Year of Newly-Wedded Mornings” photo project? I’ve been following them all year & love the unspoken story you’re telling. (I think it helps to be a newlywed myself.)

    • rachel, yes i HAVE considered doing that, actually! i would love to. i have sort of started on it…. but i think i need to revise my approach… and find a way to make it affordable in case folks want to get a copy of it.

      but thank you for this comment, and i’m so very happy to know that the contents of that proJect have been a blessing to you in your first year of marriage, too!

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