50% off a portrait session with brooke collier photo

are you recently engaged? celebrating an anniversary with your spouse? got adorable kids and no recent photographs? having a baby? wish you had some wonderful photos of your entire family together? if you said yes to any of these things, or know someone who would say yes to one of these things, you should keep reading.

announcing, a simple contest that could result in you winning a portrait session for 50% off the usual price (that means, it’ll cost $125, and include a $75 print credit).


  • for grand rapids or lansing area (michigan)
  • for couple/engagement, family, or baby portraits
  • for any time in august or september

how to enter:

  • go to my facebook page and leave a comment on my wall listing 3 reasons that you love the person(s) you hope to be photographed with in the event that you win.
  • everyone who leaves a comment will have his/her name written on a piece of paper and then we’ll draw a name out of a hat to randomly select a winner onjuly 21st.

DO IT! (and tell your friends to do it, too!)

original post, including photos is found here.


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