Farewell to Big Oak Child Care Center

Dear Parents,

I’m a bit sad to sit down and write this letter announcing my departure from Big Oak next month. My husband and I have accepted an invitation to move back to my home town of Grand Rapids, MI where we will be joining in the life and work our friends in a small prayer community in a broken neighborhood. In that place, I’ll be cooking still — only this time for 100+ poor and homeless folks who come to the weekly “Love Feasts” (free community meal)! We’re really excited for this move and know that it’s a good choice for us.

Still, if I could pack up Big Oak in its entirety and take it with me, I would! Cooking at Big Oak has been one of my all-time favorite jobs. I want to thank you all for your overwhelming support, encouragement, and cheer-leading as I’ve experimented with some different ways of feeding your kids this past year. I look back at this year and smile at what a lot of progress we’ve all made in forming food awareness and healthy habits in your kids. I feel confident that this trend will continue even after I’ve left because of the administrative support found in Ann and Nicole and all of the teachers. The whole team is on board with this!

My last day will be in the third week of July. Between now and then I hope to train my replacement (as soon as he or she is located), and jot down some favorite recipes to leave behind so they can continue to be used at Big Oak.

Keep up the great work persistently encouraging healthy food choices for your kids. Their little minds and bodies will reap the rewards for years to come.

Many blessings,

Brooke the Cook


One thought on “Farewell to Big Oak Child Care Center

  1. Brooke the Cook…I love it! Yet another aspect of my daughter revealed. Brooke, you have invested in so many young lives at a critical point when they are forming lifelong eating habits, as well as having their brains, bodies, and world view enriched by the investments of you, the other staff, and their families. What a wonderful opportunity you’ve had to be a part of such a nurturing, life-enhancing place. xo mom

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