The House

we found what we believe to be The House. it’s down the street from the Stockbridge Boiler Room, next door to a crack house, and around the corner from the neighborhood liquor store. yes, these are selling points. because, the way we see it, this living in the thick of it is exactly why we’re going to grand rapids. it’s part of the obedience. and so there’s this joy, too, because God’s Spirit in us makes us want (sincerely) what He wants.

today, in just a little while, i’ll complete the mortgage application. we look risky on paper because we are relocating, and therefore cannot show the lender that we have 30 days of solid work history in Grand Rapids. but. we have a co-signer (thank you!) and we are hoping that she will cover the gaps in our application. you can pray alongside us, if you want.

and then there’ll be lots of work. the floors need to be sanded and re-finished, the ceilings need to be re-plastered. we need appliances. we need new windows. we want paint in lots of colors. and other small things. but none of this is impossible, and we have a few amazing people in corner who love stuff like this and are standing ready to aid us in sorting it all out and doing it all on the cheap, but with style.

the yard of this house, you wouldn’t believe. it’s magical.

so. standing here poised to perhaps step into one of my deepest wishes: the ownership of a home. i’m nervous. i feel really vulnerable to ups and downs of this process because it’s so close to my heart’s desire. pray that i’ll have balance, that i’ll cling to jesus and not have fear.


8 thoughts on “The House

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  3. Hi Brook this is Jeff i’m from lifebyjones blog…where my wife and I share a blog. I would just like to say that the stories of your life is so encourging! What is life without taking risk on the journey…while others my laugh at you and think your crazy…I applaud you!!! we were a part of an urban ministry in Toledo called the Lewis House for a few years and sounds like the same circumstances in the community but God is great…we started a soup kitchen there which is really successful…we still help with that but not as often…we were there for about three years. Now we have moved into a different communty in Urban South Toledo and are a part of Vision Church H20 ( hope to others) which also is community focused and reaches out to the people. I love what you and your husband is doing our Father is smiling at you.

    • thanks jeff! i hope that this blog will give some glory to Jesus. 🙂 funny enough, the house that i wrote about in this blog entry did NOT end up becoming ours, though our friends and ministry partners purchased it and moved into it. we got another one a block away and it has been perfect. i believe He has settled us all where we need to be and where He needs us to be. i’m sure the same is true for your family.

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