waking up 30

and i woke up thinking about faces. the faces of friends who have loved me well in my life.

and then i thought about this website i’ve launched and all that implies about another season of a different sort of work. i send it out into the world with a prayer that it will return to me achieving the purposes for which God has sent it forth.

and then i thought about this house that we’ve put in an offer on today, even though the pathway to getting the necessary financing for it is laden with obstacles and a delicate balance of timing things just so. and i know that, if we get into this house, we will say only, “it is God who has done this, and not we.” amen.

and then i thought about my body and the decreasing energy and increasing softness of it. i thought that the days of getting by without exercise might be over. that part didn’t make me feel so happy.

but mostly i am very pleased to have arrived here at 30, with a decade of 20s to look back at with gratitude for all that i have been brought through and been given, and all that i have become.

here i am far more comfortable in my own skin than i could have imagined being at 23.

here i have a story to tell, and the fruit of years of wrestling with God to harvest and pass out to hungry spirits.

here i am a woman, redeemed by the Living One, with a confident step and clarity of purpose.

here it is 70 degrees and sunny, which is my favorite weather. and so i think i’ll get on my bicycle and go to the park.


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