64 of 101: a photo website on my 30th

i’m turning 30 today. and, in addition to being taken out for dinner, receiving a few lovely gifts, and eating gluten-free chocolate cake, i am also celebrating my birthday this year by launching a website.


yup! there it is: my official photography website.

i’ve been shooting for 10 years. i love it and haven’t stopped loving it, which is something to listen to. and so, it’s about time.

it’s time to boldly declare that YES, i am a photographer and you can hire me to make beautiful images of things that matter to you. like your wedding or your family, your marriage, or your baby.

what a gift to be able to do as work a thing that gives such life.

ps: i have a may portrait special going on. and a wedding photography booking discount, too. see the “specials & faq” section on my site.


One thought on “64 of 101: a photo website on my 30th

  1. Congratulations on the website! Your photos are beautiful (and the website is put together well, too)! What kind of camera do you use?

    By the way, last night I was telling my husband about your comment on my blog and how encouraging it has been to hear your process of following the Lord. In the midst of that I realized that, oddly enough, I think I was going to visit you at one point….let’s see….a year ago January, I think? Assuming you were still at the Stockbridge Boiler Room at that point? At the time I was living in a community house in Toledo called Lewis House. The couple who oversaw the house, George and Sarah Williams, had gone to visit the Stockbridge Boiler Room in September 2008 and planned to take our entire house there to visit the following January, but then we got a blizzard and my now-husband’s father died, so the trip was canceled. But I thought it was kind of funny 🙂

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