one year ago today

one year ago today i moved to madison, wi from grand rapids, mi.

with a trailer and truck bed full of most everything i own, and with a heart in love and willing to take a risk for that love.

saying that this has been an easy year would not be truthful. it has been a difficult one, for life here has not been instantly gratifying for me.


  • i got to be with tim in the same place and then marry him
  • i set up my first home as a married woman
  • i have been given jobs that i love and where i have great favor
  • i am mentoring three amazing young women
  • i saw that the convictions of my heart are free-standing and not merely due to the influence of a certain group
  • i was adopted and am loved by a small group of folks, even when i have been ugly
  • i experienced my Father’s love in new ways
  • i watched a prayer rhythm unfold in a dedicated prayer room

this is enough to make it a good year, yes?


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