8 of 101: family in the pitt

t’s closest [in age] brother ben and his wife lisa live in pittsburgh because ben is a ph.d student at carnegie-mellon. last year they gave birth to their first child, sophia. and because we were so sad that we had not been able to come when she was born, we decided that to come for the occasion of her first birthday was absolutely necessary.

we splurged on a pair of plane tickets out of milwaukee, which got us to pittsburgh in a small fraction of the time it would have taken to drive.

i love pittsburgh. i love how, after passing through a mountain tunnel, you emerge on the other side to see the tangle of rivers and bridges and buildings spreading between and up the edges of towering hills. i love its gritty facades, and its unpretentious awesomeness. i love its history and its comeback. i loved it then, and this trip confirmed that i also love it now.

and being with ben and lisa in their home, their neighborhood, their friendships, and their church, was a delight. over the course of the weekend, we:

  • attended sophia’s first birthday party
  • had a walk at frick park
  • went out for ethiopian food
  • ate delicious vegetarian cuisine on the patio
  • sunned ourselves in the backyard
  • saw sophia dedicated to God at church
  • had long talks on cozy couches
  • visited the phipp conservatory

i have said it before, and i will probably say it again: i hit the jackpot with my siblings-in-law. 🙂 ben and lisa are objectively wonderful people; i don’t have to say that simply because i married into the family. and having them, and the others, as my brothers and sisters means years of delightful family vacations and holidays to look forward to.

ps: for more photos, you can visit this album, or this one.


One thought on “8 of 101: family in the pitt

  1. What wonderful photos! It sounds like you had an amazing weekend. Isn’t Phipps wonderful? I’m so glad you were able to all be together. love you xo mom

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