making space

we’re sensing God’s invitation into a quiet and set-aside time for reflection and evaluation. to simplify things around us in order to better hear His voice and to receive from Him. less input from other sources and less output coming from us to the world at large.

and so, tim is on a sabbatical from boiler room leadership, so that God can be allowed to speak into all the questions He’s put on his heart.

and i… i am just creating more space in other ways, mostly, as a Lenten discipline, pushing the pause button on most internet-related hobbies. this means that from now until Easter, you won’t read my words in this space, won’t see my photos here or here, and i won’t be keeping up in that small, daily way with friends on facebook.

i’ll miss these things in a way, but i am excited to giveĀ  them as a small personal offering in order that i might gain richer things.

may this season of lent be rich for each of you.


2 thoughts on “making space

  1. I like this brooke. May you come back from this time refreshed. Did you get my letter, by the way? I wasn’t sure I had your correct address…

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