40 of 101: “elsa” the sewing machine

friends, i have purchased a sewing machine. for $50 from a guy on craigslist who, while pointing out that my offer was low, still sold it to me. she came in a dark wood cabinet, complete with an assortment of bobbins, the original user’s manual, a pin cushion featuring the upturned faces of what appear to be many asians, and various attachments for the machine.

elsa, as i have decided to call her, is a 1976 Singer Stylist. she’s a zig-zag machine.

we’ve set her up in the corner of our living/dining room area, which felt like a temporary solution for a minute, but it’s growing on us both. so, this past week, after a long battle with screws and hooks in concrete ceilings, tim set up a lantern that hangs right above elsa, lighting my work space a bit more.

last friday, when tim brought elsa home in the trunk of the nissan, i took out the manual and went through it page by page, learning each part and it’s use, and then attempting my very first stitches. which went poorly, to be honest. since then, mostly i’ve only looked at her. i am making mental notes about necessary next steps for building a working relationship with elsa. e.g., i need more thread besides the bright teal and green spools that accompanied her, and i need to commit to a specific starter project. i think i’ll start with a cafe apron or place mats.


7 thoughts on “40 of 101: “elsa” the sewing machine

  1. Aprons & place mats are great starter projects! Curtains are also good for long easy stitching. I have a few great patterns for grocery bags if you’d like. 🙂 Easy peasy stuff.

    Love the Amy Butler fabric…

  2. I think it is very cool that you are learning something as mechanical as a sewing machine, and that you named your new machine. Men have been naming their cars for years. I guess women can get attached to their machines just like men can.

  3. You have no idea how happy this makes me.
    And the Amy Butler fabric…you have such great taste, B.
    I’m thinking maybe I’ll name my machines too. : )

  4. you are adorable. and. I have put a bug in Danny’s ear about coming to see you. How would early april sound? mostly, I just want to see Elsa.

  5. Hello Lovely!
    It’s so good to see you sewing!
    My favorite “starter” projects were always pillows/pillow cases.

    I’m into making baby slings now for friends, in fact I just purchased fabric for one the other day!
    (which I will be making shortly!)

  6. Hurray! What an answer to prayer that Elsa should make herself known the day after we talked about looking on Craig’s list! How did you pick that name? The first time I tried sewing, I was in high school, and I couldn’t stand to sit still long enough to do it. The next time I tried sewing, I was a new mother and LOVED sewing baby clothes, making quilts, and doing machine applique! I can’t wait to hear about the direction you and Elsa choose. hugs…

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