this is my favorite name for God: Lahai-roi

it means, “the Living One Who Sees Me.

Hagar “used another name to refer to” the Lord that day when His angel tracked her down at the spring in the wilderness where she had fled, cast out and bitterly weeping. she had not sought Him, but He sought her. and He saw the roots of her suffering and spoke a promise over it.

and, in what i imagine to be grateful disbelief, she said, “i have now seen the One who sees me.”

so she named her son (a son with promises now riding on him), Ishmael, which means “God hears.”

to be sought out, to be seen, to be heard… and by the God Almighty…

yes, Lahai-Roi, i am so grateful that this is part of who You are.

*Genesis 16


2 thoughts on “Lahai-roi

  1. Brooke, I keep thinking about you. Last Sunday during service, you popped into my mind & I thought, that’ girl’s got a literary blessing over her, an artistic one, a nurturing & bursting creativity in her that inspires & calls out life. Had to tell you! Love & blessings to you!

    • rachel! i never stopped to say thank you for this. thank you for affirming these things in me. i take that very much to heart. blessings on you over there!

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