there were twinkle lights, afterall

for such a very long time i have adamantly insisted that i am not the kind of person who decorates for holidays, most especially christmas. because the red and green all over is sorta tacky. and because they take up too much room in my closets for 11 months of the year. furthermore, christmas isn’t about lights and trees and santa and snowmen, but about Christ’s birth. and so on and so forth.

but then. then this year my dear girls over at the Winnie house got a christmas tree. their first tree as independent women not at their family home, for some of them. and for Kiersty, only the second pine tree she’s had in her entire life because she grew up in a tropical environment as a MK. they were giddy. the smell of the balsam was intoxicating. part of me wanted to spread blankets on the floor before it and curl up with my sweetie, maybe spend the night there on the floor, beneath its branches. the girls didn’t have any ornaments. but i remembered that my dear mother had recently provided me with a storage box full of all my ornaments from infancy onward. and i brought this box to them, so that they could have things on their tree. there, on the girls’ flat of the community house, where i do not even live, is a real tree decorated with pretty little things made by a younger version of myself.

today i worked for five hours and came home and felt melancholy because it didn’t feel like christmas. i had t, and a nice new plush rug, and the entire afternoon and evening spreading out before us… but i didn’t know how we’d do christmas. “i wish we’d planned better for this,” i told t. he, being the intuitive and spontaneous person that he is, suggested a little run to the nearby Walgreen’s, to pick up some twinkle lights. and some peanut butter for baking cookies. and some clothespins, to use with some cloth ribbon for hanging all our christmas cards from. then, he said, we could bake some cookies and take them to some folks, worship a bit, make up some hot cocoa and settle in to watch Love, Actually. and this would be the beginnings of something resembling christmas. our family christmas.

so, we put up our lights and hung our cards and saw that it was good.

christmas cards on display

there are twinkle lights, afterall.

and now, as i write this, t is on a mission to deliver some fresh-baked cookies to our friends sue and steph. if our next-door neighbors haven’t already left for the night, we’ll take some to them, too.

and for dinner? we’re starting another new tradition: homemade gluten-free pizza, loaded with veggies. imagine how our future kiddos will get a kick out of that one!


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