my cup runneth over: a testimony of discipleship

we always talk over tea or coffee (like this)

on this day i feel like a cup dribbling over with abundance, abounding joy over the life of Christ in my three disciples. this job is the greatest job because i’m not doing anything at all, except to sit with them for a bit each week and try to keep myself open to the Spirit and then to remind them, a million times in a million different ways, to lean into the strong arms of the Father and to pause long enough, always, to hear Him. and to trust Him, trust Him, trust Him. this is the first thing. because when we finally throw our arms out to the sides and free-fall into that grace we are never disappointed and will not suffer shame.

and so this semester i’ve seen them all do that. and as a consequence, there are stories rolling in [like mighty rushing water on the low side of a dam] of how He has rescued, healed, rearranged, paradigm-shifted, transformed, and mobilized them.

C i learning let herself be loved, to hold her little cup out in front of her and let the drops fall in instead of shielding herself from their grace. she is learning to move in and to stick it out, to risk trusting. she is acting as a big sister with a fierce tenderness that protects and challenges. she perceives her community around her with uncanny clarity, mixed with patient compassion. and she is softer than she was before, and glowing.

L is falling desperately in love with the man of jesus, who astounds her heart with such regularity that she posts a litany of praises on her facebook wall. and the Father is parenting her because she’s letting Him, and as she does, we’re seeing the She that she really is emerge, brushing the dust off her wings and spreading them in the morning sunlight. she has courageously looked both herself and her God in the face, and has a glowing countenance to show for it.

and M is wearing a crown now and it’s called joy. and it’s consistent and resilient; it cannot be stolen. she’s tasted and seen and now knows by heart that she is Loved and more than Okay. and the gifts planted in her, which are strong and wise, discerning and disarming, are being worn with innocent confidence. she’s picking up her camera, opening her heart, and raising her voice… all offered as gifts to the rest of us.

so i am praising praising praising today the only God i know who can work miracles in the most intimate places of the human heart. the only God who can re-write psychological, emotional, and genetic make-up, who can accomplish more in 5 minutes of presence than i could in 5 years of counseling. the God who leads with a wisdom so profound it seems foolish; who knows when to take a thing away from us for a bit so that He can give it back to us rightly ordered. a God who is a father to the fatherless, a husband to the husband-less, a friend to the friendless, a teacher to the unknowing, and a guide to the disoriented. He is so very good at being God.

already in my personal story i have a zillion reasons to love Him, but when i also get to witness His faithfulness to my friends….

o. my cup runneth over.


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