more wedding photos

i’m posting them as they trickle in…

_MG_3308_MG_2884_MG_2963_MG_2320_MG_3282_MG_3065_MG_2776_MG_2246all photos by jonathan stoner, who comes highly recommended for those of you who live in Grand Rapids.


2 thoughts on “more wedding photos

  1. I like all the kissing pictures! And the one at the end of all the guys jumping in mid air. 🙂 I also think, Brooke, that your eyes are absolutely shown off as the most gorgeous that they are! You are so beautiful! I also love your choices of shoes! And everything at your wedding reflected the style and essence of who you both are. Simple, rich, and deep. (Rich meaning so much more than physical wealth.)

    Love you guys! Thanks for exemplifying the deep things. The deep. The deep. That is you two. Grounded and exemplifying the deep! 😀

    Have a great night. Enjoy! And feel that I am sending love!

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