having now so vowed ourselves

having just been pronounced

having just been pronounced

yesterday at about this time, i married tim. and, alongside him, consecrated myself (us) to God.

it was PERFECT.

we were surrounded by a beautiful cloud of witnesses. danny’s song raised us up as i came down the aisle, eyes fixed on my Love. the st. adalbert’s church bells rang during communion (the wine for which Tony inadvertently spilled). the infamous west side ice cream truck went by and tim pretended to chase it down (yes, during the ceremony). jess nearly passed out. pop eye started a cackle, aborted by jenn, while big tim exclaimed “beautiful!” aloud following our vows. colorful fabrics edged the yard of the stockbridge boiler room. our spiritual fathers married us — joe all animated eloquence, tony sincere and pleased. tim’s mom walked down the aisle on her son and husband’s arms with her head raised high, laughing. tears streamed down tim’s cheeks when he said his vows while i was clear and steady. the worship led by michael was anointed and i raised my hand to heaven, truly having entered into His presence there. the words we spoke to one another and the Father were weighty and lovely, and accurate expression of covenant.we were present. fully.

and now… right now he beside me on the picnic table behind the hytta writing a song about our infant marriage.

today i know him with tenderness, vulnerability and pleasure.

we belong to one another now, he and i.

yummy GF cake by Marie Catrib

yummy GF cake by Marie Catrib


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