placing objects in a yet empty home

today is the first day of our lease on our new home. so early this afternoon we picked up the keys from our landlord.

taking nothing other than three thoughtfully chosen objects, we went and let ourselves in to those cleared-out spaces with blank-canvas walls. we stood there in the sunlight living room, embraced, and called each other roommate.

we put a plant in the window of the living room. it’s a plant that my dear friend heather gave me. she took a couple of clippings from a plant in her own home and gave them to be in a small vase of water at my bridal shower last month. she said it would grow it’s own roots and could then be replanted into soil, in a pot, and that in this way she was giving me something living from their home to ours. earlier this week i got a pot, scooped some soil from the neglected beds behind the house, and planted those clippings. this living thing — which i am determined to keep that way — is symbolic of that new and replanted life that tim and i are about to begin. it also reminds me of the connection we have to our friends in Michigan and the life of our friends that they share with us.

we put a lantern in the bedroom. it’s a lantern that we found at a yard sale in Milwaukee one weekend. drawn to it immediately, we forked out the $4 to take it home with us. it holds a single votive candle. we found a hook in the ceiling, near a corner, in the master bedroom and that’s where we decided to put the lantern, resolving to place our bed beneath it. it will symbolize the light that leads us home to one another, and the love that we’ll fight to keep lit between us.

we put a framed photograph of ourselves, together and sitting on a kitchen floor, on the counter in the kitchen. tim thought the frame looked good juxtaposted with the counter-top tile. to have our faces represented in that otherwise barren apartment says that “these are the people who make their home here.” and we resolved long ago that frequent sitting on kitchen floors would be a hallmark of our relationship.

so the christening is complete. and now the grunt work…

(check back later when i’ve added photos of these three objects)


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