Setting up to make gluten-free banana bread

Setting up to make gluten-free banana bread

xanthan gum, brown rice flour, corn meal, tapioca starch, flax meal, arrowroot, sorghum flour, millet flour, agave nectar… these words (and the ingredients they label) are taking up increasing space in my kitchen vocabulary (and the cabinets). they are what gluten-free, sugar-free baked goods are made of.

they are expensive, but they turn out some real delicacies. and they let me get that homey satisfaction of freshly baked goodies, even with my dietary constrictions.

today i’ve got a fresh batch of polenta-pear muffins and cranberry-apple-sunflower seed muffins cooling on the racks. earlier this week there was banana bread. and last weekend we had buckwheat-blueberry pancakes for saturday breakfast. this weekend we’ll try strawberry-multigrain pancakes.

Polenta-Pear Muffins (recipe from the Gluten-Free Goddes)

Polenta-Pear Muffins (recipe from the Gluten-Free Goddes)

i love it. tim loves it, too.

“does something magically switch in your head when you settle down with the man you love… something that makes you want to BAKE?” i asked my friend nicolette, who bakes pies on a very regular basis since her marriage last year.

i went on to explain, “you took up pies, and i am now on a kick to master the delicate art of gluten-free baking because suddenly i want very much to have muffins, pancakes, and quick breads around our home.”

“yes,” she replied, “I think it is the making a house a home kind of feel and you want warm and welcoming stuff surrounding you and your loved one and baking is a tried and true homey feel. ”

indeed. it pleases me greatly to think filling our new home with these smells, and his belly with these good things.

so this is perhaps the modern face of feminism: we bake a lot (and sew). and we want to maintain the right to be unabashedly feminine and domestic, as long as we know we’re equally welcome to become a CEO.


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