a new place to call home

apartment1tim and i have both thrived in community life, each of us in our respective intentional-community situations, and now in the same house with 10 other housemates. it has turned us into more authentic and open people, and we love the gritty up-closeness of it all. it seems to us that it is a good and pleasing thing.

so it wasn’t an easy decision at all to decide to move out of community for our first year of marriage. when we first started talking about getting married, we were both assuming that we would continue on living in the same community house, mentoring all the students who would be moving in, etc. but then we started to see some wisdom in NOT doing that.

  • a year to get used to being married, to learn one another’s quirks.
  • a buffer between ourselves and the needs of those we are discipling and mentoring.
  • a place with thicker walls and insulation so that there is privacy.

so we’ve found a place 3 blocks away fom the Winnebago house  (where we currently live). it’s in a sweet 18-unit apartment building built in the 1940s. it has hardwood parquet floors, vintage tile work in the kitchen, and paint-able walls. it has a courtyard in the front with grass, trees, and a swing. we both loved it immediately. we signed the lease for a two-bedroom unit last week.

we’re looking forward to creating home here together. and inviting others into that home. we sprung for the two-bedroom primarily because we want to be able to host pilgrims and friends well. and the kitchen is bigger so that i can cook my little heart out in a more spacious place.

(note: this photos do not do it justice! i borrowed them from the online apartment advertisement. i’ll post more later after we’ve gotten the keys on august 1st). apartment3



4 thoughts on “a new place to call home

  1. we need to talk because it sounds like the process you and tim just went through to come to this conclusion is very similar to the season michelle and I needed to go through upon arriving back to GR from africa regarding the SBR. The two of you are in our prayers during this time…not an easy time I know.

    p.s. – I didn’t reply to Tim’s request because I hardly use fb but the guys are more than welcome to use the house to get ready and chill for the wedding. We will try to have fans a-blowing to keep things cool.

    Excited to see this space of yours some time soon I hope


  2. BTW – I LOVE that you got wordpress… I like wordpress far better then most blog sites and it’s easier for me to comment.

  3. brad, thanks so much for lending the guys some space in your sweet pad. 🙂 i understand more fully now why you and michelle needed that season of retreat and couldn’t just instantly jump back into the boiler room community. i would love to talk more with you guys about your journey and process in all of this. i’m so excited for you guys setting up home together in a distinctly separate space, and yet still so near to the network of church family.

    patricia, thanks for sharing my enthusiasm about the good old Victory Arms!

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