101 in 1001

1. Sew a duvet cover using our wedding fabrics
2. Write Food, With Life (cookbook, complete with photos)
3. Have a baby, or two – 6/1/11
4. Keep a lighthouse for a week
5. Sew placemats and napkins
6. Read the entire bible, chronologically
7. Bake gluten-free yeasted bread – 1/31/10
8. Visit family in Pittsburgh -3/20/10
9. Eat at one of Madison’s nicer restaurants – 7/17/2010
10.  Plant a small vegetable garden and hope something grows – summer 2011
11.  Buy a house on the cheap – 12/30/2010
12.  Design and have printed our wedding album
13.  Make a mobile of our wedding vows
14.  Record a song with t on Garage Band
15.  Baby-sit for one of the kiddos from Big Oak
16.  Have a homeless friend come to dinner
17.  Complete the “year of mornings” project, then start another of like kind – October 2010
18.  Do a hands-on cooking project with kids
19.  Visit Jane and Lars in San Francisco (or wherever they are), in keeping with the promise
20.  Always be discipling at least one young woman
21.  Take Linda-Mom to the gardens or Odana Antiques
22.  Photograph a wedding with t assisting me
23.  Organize and host a 24-7 Prayer Room – oct/nov 2011
24.  Paint my toe nails – spring 2011
25.  Get training in Inner Healing Prayer and/or Theophostic – various points in 2011
26.  Take portraits of the homeless and give them to them
27.  Spend a week in a cottage by the lake – Aug 2011
28.  Make kombucha at home
29.  Roast green coffee beans in a popcorn popper – 3/28/10
30.  Maintain a practice of Sabbath — ongoing through 2010
31.  Read a book about hearing God’s voice
32.  Own massage oil, and use it
33.  Take a walk at the Arboretum
34.  Worship at The Furnace on a Friday night
35.  Paint a room the same color as my old SBR bedroom was – September 2010
36.  Pray with/for a stranger – November 2010
37.  Keep one more house plant alive – 2011
38.  Teach a small cooking class
39.  Go to a folk concert with t – July 2010
40.  Own a sewing machine – 1/22/10
41.  Tell the stories of the boiler room (perhaps on a blog) – fall 2011
42.  Read Pride & Prejudice, again
43.  Attend a photography seminar with a photographer I admire – April 2010
44.  Be photographed, along with t and kids, by a great photographer – October 2011
45.  Ask Buc for stories of our family
46.  Speak in tongues and/or a prayer language — began April 2012
47.  Be able to primarily be a stay-home mom
48.  Resume a yoga practice
49.  Teach/lecture somewhere — Spring 2011
50.  Swim in Lake Monona or Lake Mendota
51.  Give an extravagant and unexpected gift – Dec 2011
52.  Have only one car (bike/walk instead) – Spring 2010 – present
53.  See a chiropractor – Spring 2011 onward
54.  Give birth at home – 6/1/11
55.  Make baby food – fall 2011
56.  Bay/get a Lensbaby or tilt-shift lens
57.  Upgrade my camera body – 12/31/2010
58.  Tour Driftless Organics farm
59.  Ride a horse
60.  Have a real Christmas tree – 12/2010
61.  Grow sprouts at home
62.  Live with or very near to friends in intentional community – 9/15/2010 and beyond
63.  Go raspberry picking
64.  Get a website up for my independent photography business – 4/30/10
65.  Sew a baby blanket/quilt
66.  Visit the zoo, preferably with a child — Summer 2013 with Alicia and kids
67.  Plan a picnic, complete with wine – May 2010
68.  Listen to a series of teachings or sermons
69.  Make a huge batch of pesto using locally grown basil – summer 2011
70.  Bring a meal to someone after a birth or death event – 2/3/10
71.  Own a Le Creuset pan
72.  Learn a casual, every-day up-do for my hair
73.  Visit Africa
74.  Be a guest blogger on the 24-7 Prayer blog
75.  Do a Beth Moore study with a few other women
76.  Paint pottery
77.  Use re-usable grocery bags consistently — i think i have this down now (summer 2013)
78.  Celebrate a Passover Seder
79.  Send snail mail to a friend living overseas
80.  Get a Four Generations Of Women photograph – fall 2011
81.  Wash someone’s feet – march 2011
82.  Acquire another Karin Eriksson pottery piece
83.  Experience miraculous provision and/or healing
84.  Pay off one remaining credit card and lines of credit – dec 2011
85.  Help someone paint/decorate their new house or apartment
86.  Have unhurried heart-to-heart time with my rabbi – ongoing
87.  Volunteer for some effort to remedy injustices associated with food and poverty
88.  Listen to a stranger tell his/her life story
89.  Read through and discuss a book with t
90.  Memorize a passage of scripture
91.  Help t to carve out space for practicing guitar and song-writing
92.  Seek out words of prophecy/knowledge from someone – february 2011
93.  Host pilgrims and house guests frequently – throughout 2011
94.  Share house-keeping and child-care responsibilities with a good friend – beginning spring 2011
95.  Sell something I have made
96.  Throw someone a smashing party – 12/11/10
97.  Start something resembling Love Feasts in our neighborhood
98.  Spend a night at a monastery
99.  Go home for the holidays – 12/2010
100. Work in a pastoral way alongside tim – ongoing
101. Love Jesus even more


8 thoughts on “101 in 1001

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  2. I LOVE #71!! I have a Le Creuset grill pan and although it’s the most difficult pan to clean after use, it’s still one of my favorites. I want a saute pan and a dutch oven!

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  6. Hello from across the country. We’ve never met, but I somehow landed on your page and found your 101 in 1001 list a few years back, and it left me utterly inspired. I made my own list in January 2010 and just did a little review of it tonight to see how things went these past few years. In reading it, I felt an incredible sense of gratitude. Without knowing it, you encouraged me to set some tangible goals in a season when I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted out of life. Looking back at the list, I see that I knew what I wanted much more than I realized and have now accomplished more than I ever could have on my own. Thanks 🙂

    • chelsea, this was such a fun comment to read this morning. thanks for “reporting back” with the results of your 101 list! i’m so glad to hear that it’s been a meaningful tool for you! blessings!

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